The most beautiful bicycle in the world

I was always wondering how the most beautiful bike in the world looks like. It obviously cannot be a standard bike manufactured in large volumes as the most beautiful bike must be the only one. I had no idea how until I saw this Festka. In my view, this is the most beautiful bicycle in the world and good news is that it costs only 35k euro. Check this out in the video below.

This project was created in 13 months. Illustrator Michal Bačák has pictorially recorded the life journey of a bicycle owner on an ultralight carbon frame in a decorative style that is the artist’s own amalgam of Portuguese Azulejo and the traditional English porcelain school of Churchill Blue Willow. Hand painting in cobalt blue is complemented by details created in 24k gold. Every detail has been carefully considered and consulted with the client. The design encompasses all the important milestones in his life, from the birth of his children to his hobbies such as traveling and playing the flute, not to mention cycling.


Festka is a Czech technology company that specializes in the custom production of road bikes and frames of the highest quality. The headquarters and production of the company is in the centre of Prague, Czech Republic. Festka is ridden by a wide range of interesting people, from Hollywood celebrities and billionaires to ordinary beginners who want to enjoy riding an extraordinary product, which was created thanks to the support of the European Space Agency (ESA).